Interceptor™ Plus: fully encapsulating EN 943 Type 1a gas-tight suit. Front entry and standard vision visor.

Powered by Permasure®; Simple to use toxicity modeller app offering instant safe-use times accounting for temperature and chemical toxicity for over 4000 chemicals.

  • Multi-layer, high barrier fabric for protection against a wide range of hazardous liquid and gaseous chemicals. Yet very soft and flexible material for enhanced comfort.
  • Fabric weight 365gsm.
  • INT640 code; front entry / standard vision visor option.
  • Superior design featuring double-taped seams (inside & out).
  • Two-layer visor; (inner teflon and outer PVC layers) with unique etched seam-sealing technology for high chemical barrier.
  • Two layer chemical glove system: inner chemical glove with outer barrier 27mil butyl glove.
  • Tested against a full range of chemical warfare agents for anti-terror and civil defence operations.
  • Two rear mounted exhaust valves.
  • Attached sock boot with boot overflaps.
  • Every Interceptor™ suit is gas-tight tested before leaving the factory. Pressure test kits are available separately.

Features: Encapsulated, Attached sock boots with boot flaps, Double storm flap with hook and loop closure, Fully encapsulated front entry vapor-protective Level A suit, Standard Vision Visor

Category:Body Protection